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Determination, intellectual curiosity, and creativity allow us to create industry-shaping technology. If you’re ready to build for the new era of digital sovereignty check out our open opportunities!

Shape the future of data sovereignty

( We collaborate, we iterate, and we innovate )

Find a home at Valarian, wherever you are. 

Our culture is built on inclusivity, compassion and flexibility – we want everyone to be empowered to achieve their goals at Valarian.

The world is changing, and so is our way of working. If you want to join us in the London office – it’s quite nice! – you’re welcome to; and if you’d prefer to work remotely, that’s fine too.

And as we build elegant solutions to simplify the complexities of business collaboration, we also simplify work life: contribute wherever and whenever allows you to be your best self. We trust each other to consistently raise the bar, and we challenge each other to continually reach new heights. 

( Benefits that matter )

Feel taken care of at Valarian.

  • Equity – because you have the right to own what you’re building
  • A competitive salary – because we value your unique skills
  • Enhanced employer pension contributions – because you deserve a secure future
  • Hybrid work setup – because everyone has different needs
  • Rewarding company retreats and meetups that respect your work/life balance – because we love getting to know each other!

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