Innovating for

the new era of
digital sovereignty

We make enterprise communication
secure, compliant and efficient.

Data sovereignty is complicated. We’re here to help.

As countries and industries introduce new data protection and privacy regulations, it’s become harder for global enterprises to ensure their communication data remains compliant across all geographies.

Valarian is on a mission to build cutting-edge solutions that empower borderless collaboration in the new era of digital sovereignty.

Valarian's software allows enterprises to continue using their existing communication platforms while overcoming ever-evolving security, privacy and compliance hurdles. No matter where the team is based, Valarian enables confidence in communication, harmonising regulatory compliance and efficiency.

( Features )

Overcome data residency challenges and protect the sovereignty of your data – at speed – by deploying Valarian's trusted solution.


Enforceable data localisation

Strategically localise your data anywhere in the world to remain compliant with applicable regulations.


Regulatory compliance

Mitigate any risks of non-compliance with GDPR and other pertinent regulations by exercising full control over the information you share.


Encryption key ownership

Safeguard your sensitive data by preventing unauthorised third parties, including your service provider, from accessing it.



Effortlessly navigate large volumes of data; identify relevant content based on keywords and filters; and capture that information for review and analysis.


Zero-trust security

Ensure the data you share on the platform is secure through continuous user validation and resource isolation.


Seamless, scalable deployment

Effortlessly deploy solutions within minutes across any environment, whether it's cloud-based, on-premise, or a hybrid setup.


Unified communication

Maintain regular communication across designated teams and departments using your preferred interface, preventing the isolation of regional business units.


Accelerated time to value

Seamlessly initiate client collaboration and kick-start the billing process instantly with the Guest feature.

( Technology )

Deploy Valarian’s scalable, resilient and secure communication infrastructure.

( 01 )

Valarian’s proprietary technology enables interoperability with existing enterprise collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp, all without altering the user experience or interface of these tools. The integration process occurs behind the scenes, ensuring that users can continue to communicate without disruptions.

( 02 )

Valarian has no access to any customer tools or data, and we receive no telemetry. Our technology is deployed in the customer’s preferred environment, empowering them with complete operational autonomy and authority over their data.

( 03 )

Data confidentiality is ensured through state-of-the-art TLS and TDE encryption, allowing organisations to safely transmit communications in near real-time on unsecured networks like 5G.

We’re innovating for the new

era of digital sovereignty

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